Executive Leadership Model

​Journey Church has a unique Church Leadership model.  This tri-fold approach to leadership resembles one found in the business world (CEO, CFO & COO) and is designed, with a church perspective in mind, to be efficient and create greater opportunities for leadership and accountability, while not allowing one part to dominate any others.

This trifecta of leadership allows the Lead Pastor to cast vision and set long-term goals, the Operations Pastor to work out logistics and organize resources needed to secure and accomplish these goals, and then the Leadership Team to decide how monies will be raised and spent. Decisions will be made based on consensus, where possible. Together these will form the “Executive Leadership Team.”

Each year this group will be “reaffirmed” in their current role and new team members can be nominated and “affirmed.”  This also ensures that there is transparency, as well as opportunity for new members to serve, and those who wish to rotate off to do so.

This model follows the spirit of church leadership found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, as well as many references in Scripture.  ​Men and women can equally serve on this team.

The goal of this team is not to ‘govern’ the church, the staff or the pastor, but simply to help provide an environment of decisions that will lead to effectiveness within the church and the mission of the church.  However, these team members will be a great resource for the church, representing the church, and helping navigate the sometimes-challenging waters of decisions.

This team, represents Journey Church and its best interests, but is committed to serving with character, integrity and above all, under the direction and leadership of Jesus.

Leadership Team

Jason-Helton april-leming Ed-Nolte David-Smith James-Brakebill Jennifer-Falkner
Jason Helton,
Executive Team
April Leming,
Executive Team
Ed Nolte,
Executive Team
David Smith,
Executive Team
James Brakebill,
Apprentice Team
Jennifer Falkner,
Apprentice Team