Journey Kids Is Where The Journey Begins


Helping Kids Take One Step Closer To Christ


Journey Kids has both a Large Group setting and Small Group setting during their worship time. They will worship in a large group, but they will break out into small groups based on age. Come join us!

Journey Kids is available at the 10:30am Service.

Nursery: Birth – 3 Years

Early Childhood: 4 Years – 5 Years

Late Childhood: ​Kindergarten – 5th Grade

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Journey Kids
Journey Kids2 days ago
At the end of our Shipwrecked series, the kids loved one our new songs with Fortnite moves. Watch your kids move!!! #journeychurchama #journeykidsama #fornitemoves #sorryparents
Journey Kids
Journey Kids
Journey Kids7 days ago
Lay your worries at the cross. During week two of Shipwrecked we talked about how important it is for us to not let our worries overwhelm our thoughts and instead remember that Jesus is bigger than all our worries. If we can put Jesus first, those worries will slip away! When we are worried...Jesus rescues!! #shipwrecked #jesusrescues #journeykids
Journey Kids
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